F00VX40060 Fuel Injector Nozzle

F00VX40060 Fuel Injector Nozzle


In 2021, Russian Alex just established an e-commerce company. While looking for new products, Alex discovered a piezoelectric nozzle called F00VX40060, which was very popular in Russia. Alex is well aware of the importance of fuel systems in terms of vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. He found that this piezoelectric nozzle was in short supply in the Russian market and the price was relatively high. So after comparing, he contacted us and bought more than ten piezoelectric nozzles from us, as well as many other models, and sold them to Russian users at a lower price.

At first, the demand was relatively small, and it lasted for about a year. The sales of F00VX40060 and other OE number began to grow. Now, the sales through Alex’s e-commerce platform are very popular. Users are very satisfied because they can buy high-end products at a lower price and also get good after-sales service.

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